Why choose a Smart Lamp?

1 – Your reputation matters

Smart Lamps are uniquely positioned to provide a high quality compatible lamp that gives guaranteed brightness and life at an affordable price. Backed by the high service levels of Just Lamps, it is the first compatible lamp that won't threaten your company reputation. more

Your reputation matters

Lamp Options

OEM Lamps

OEM Lamps – high quality and expensive

OEM lamps, the replacement provided by the projector manufacturer give the very best lamp performance in terms of brightness and reliability but at the highest price.

Diamond Lamps

Diamond Lamps – top performance at a fair price

To meet the demand for a top performance product at an improved price, Just Lamps launched the highly successful Diamond Lamps brand in 2007. Using the same bulb as the OEM lamp to give equal brightness and reliability, Diamond Lamps manufacture cages to the most exacting standards and is regarded as the gold standard of alternative lamps with a very attractive price.

Copy Lamps

Copy Lamps – cheap for a reason

Budgets are often hard pressed and until now the only third option was copy lamps, where low prices also means high sacrifices in performance and reliability. Although cheap, this option offers false economy with their early failure. What’s worse is that the quality of copy lamps continues to deteriorate as each brand strives to be the cheapest by selecting ever poorer quality components and production techniques.

Smart Lamps Logo

Smart Lamps – The Premier Compatible lamp

Just Lamps listened to the requests expressed by our customers for a lower priced solution where small compromises in specification were acceptable, but the product still offered quality at a very cost effective price.

The result is a Smart Lamp where the top performing components are selected, engineered into the highest quality, most reliable premier compatible lamp available that ensure your reputation is protected.

Backed by a no quarrel 12-month, 1000 hour warranty, Smart Lamps give hugely superior performance to copy lamps at a price attractive to the budget conscious.

Projector Lamp Option

2 – Technically Superior

Technically Superior

Smart Lamps select the best-of-breed components to make a premier compatible lamp that performs well out of the box and continues to perform well into the future.
Click here to see how we select our components. more

Lumens Chart

Smart Lamps Logo

Smart Lamps – Quality Assured

Smart Lamps test and select the best components for brightness, life, build quality and most importantly, reliability to make a premium compatible lamp that performs well throughout the whole of its life.

Many copy lamps are reasonably bright when they are first used, comparable to the brightness of the aged genuine bulb being replaced, but that brightness fades rapidly due to the poor quality components selected in making the cheapest lamp possible. The result is a lamp that gets dim rapidly and fails early, all too often with a messy explosion inside the projector.

3 – Twelve-month warranty – no quarrel

We are so confident in our product that we back it with a unique offering that is by far the best lamp warranty on the market.

For twelve months from the date of dispatch by Just Lamps a faulty lamp can be returned for a full refund. more

Twelve-month warranty – no quibbles

There are no catches to this; if the lamp failed to work on arrival or you changed your mind when you received it or the lamp stopped working during the 12 month period before 1000 hours have expired, it can simply be returned.

The only question we will ask is why it is being returned to help us improve our product offering.

Twelve-month warranty

4 – Margin Maker

Margin Make

As a premier compatible lamp a Smart Lamp sits in a select market position and can be sold for a sensible price between the Diamond Lamp and Copy Lamp categories with healthy margins. What’s more these margins can be protected through individual branding. more

Margin Graph

Original Manufacturer (OEM) lamps return the best revenue, but pricing has become so competitive that it is hard to make healthy margins. At the other extreme, copy lamps have become so cheap that the margin percentage may be reasonable, but the dollar margin is very low. With a high failure rate and consequent administration and reputation risk, they are not a preferred option.

5 – Make This Lamp Your Brand

Just Lamps' systems make it easy for you to make your own brand of lamp to promote as your premium compatible lamp with an unprecedented 12-month warranty. Smart Lamps is the only brand that offers you this level of customization. more

Make This Lamp Your Brand

Customers can’t shop around for a better price, keeping your margins healthy, plus you retain customer loyalty and contact for repeat purchases of your unique product.

Contact us to discuss how we can brand the paperwork, packaging and product descriptions.

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