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Launched in 2015, Smart Lamps are the latest initiative from Just Lamps, the World’s largest projector lamp distributor.

Just LampsJust Lamps was established in 2002 as the first specialist lamp distributor offering every lamp for every projector. Our award winning multilingual website and exemplary levels of customer service saw us grow significantly through the decade to become the industry leader when it came to projector lamps, employing over 100 staff in five continents.

In the beginning there were only OEM lamps available, those supplied by the original projector manufacturer, but then came low quality but cheap copy bulbs, for DIY bulb replacement.  Our response was Diamond Lamps.

Diamond LampsSeeing the threat copy bulbs could have on customer’s reputation and the potential for harm. Just Lamps partnered with lighting giants Philips & Osram to develop the first ‘Genuine Inside’ compatible lamp. Launched as the brand in 2007, a Diamond Lamps' performance is identical to the OEM lamp but at a far more attractive price.

The world of low performance copy lamps has evolved, but instead of seeking higher quality, each generation has sought lower prices and lower standards to be the cheapest, so reputations are still repeatedly threatened as reliability levels plummet. Our response was Smart Lamps.

Smart LampsJust Lamps launched Smart Lamps in 2015 to fill the niche between Diamond Lamps and unreliable copy lamps. Using quality compatible components, performance is high, but at an affordable price that protects our customers' reputation.

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